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Do We Need Antivirus Software?

These days, most people are aware enough about the dangers on the Internet to know that there are viruses and antivirus software protects against them. But people often fall into the trap of thinking they know better than to fall for some of the tricks and traps attackers use and wonder, "Do I really need antivirus?" The fact is customer need antivirus because it's a very dangerous world online and customer can do everything right and still find his system compromised, and the personal information stolen, if customer don't have adequate protections.

Some people think that they can recognize spam and phishing emails and know not to open them. Or maybe they think that people only get computer viruses if they go to illegal sites (like file sharing sites) or illicit ones (like online porn sites). Being smart online will help protect customer and their information, but vulnerabilities are found in software and websites all the time. Even if customer is only going to reputable sites, it's still possible that customer could find himself with malware on his system.

The major lacuna in the customized software category is its support. We as a software developer and provider have a well-oiled customer support system that works 24x7 giving support to the customers worldwide. The technical and development team has more than 300 yrs of combined experience in the industry. The seamless integration of product and robust customer support makes us the preferred choice of our customers.

Anti Virus PlAN



1-year subscription $200/only
2-year Subscription $300/only
3-year subscription $400/only

Browser Ad Block Software PlAN



1-year subscription $150/only
2-year Subscription $250/only
3-year subscription $350/only

C-Cleaner Software PlAN



2-year subscription included $200/only

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